Dining at the Kings Table

Pride Goeth Before a Fall

A message that reminds us what happens when we forget to seek's God will for our lives even in the simple things.

Chosen By God

We have been chosen by God for a purpose. Not only have we been called to be a part of the body of Christ, the church, but we are to go out and praise God is whatever we do each day.

Freed and Forgiven

Pastor Greg shares from Romans 6:61-14 and how we need to be continually reminded that if we are in Christ, we have been forgiven and set free from our sins.

A message from Genesis 32 when Jacob wrestles with ??? Learning the rest of the story teaches us what wonderful things happen when we let Christ change our lives.

God's Great Reward

Speaker or Performer: Rev. Greg Robinson Scripture Passage(s): Genesis 15:1-6 Date of Delivery: October 28, 2018