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Potential COVID-19 Exposure

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Potential COVID-19 Exposure
During the past several months of this COVID-19 crisis, our staff and leadership teams have worked diligently to make a way for us to worship together while remaining safe. While we have sought to minimize the risk, we admittedly have not be able to eliminate all risk of catching this virus.
This past Sunday, August 2, we had a church member present who has since tested positive for COVID-19. The good news is that this person was asymptomatic on Sunday and is still showing no outward symptoms of the virus now several days later. At this point, it appears that the risk of exposure to others is very low. The person in question did not attend Sunday School and did not sit in the congregation during either worship service. However, this person did sing with our choir in the 10:30am service before leaving. Thankfully, Kevin Willis had already instituted a social distancing policy in the choir so again, the risk to others, even in the choir, is very low.
We have spoken with our local health department and based on their guidelines, we have been asked to notify and to recommend a quarantine for any individual that may have been within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes of the person who has tested positive. It appears that only a very small number of people fit that criteria and we have already made each of those individuals aware. None of those people are currently showing any signs or symptoms of the virus. Unfortunately, I was one of those who had close contact during the worship service. In accordance with recommendations from the health department and my primary physician, I will begin a quarantine effective immediately. We will also be temporarily suspending the choir from the worship services as we continue to monitor and evaluate the situation.
If you have not been contacted directly by our church office or the health department, you are not currently considered at risk of having been exposed, nor do you need to take any additional precautions. However, I ask that you continue to use recommended guidelines such as social distancing, washing hands frequently, and using face coverings to help reduce the risk as much as possible. If you do feel sick or are worried that you may have been exposed, please contact your health care provider immediately and stay home.
Unless the situation changes, we will still have normal worship services this coming Sunday. If you feel unsafe attending in person, please consider joining us online. 
I truly appreciate your understanding in these matters and I covet your prayers for the days ahead. Additional updates will be provided as this situation evolves.
Pastor Greg Robinson
Posted by Greg Robinson