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COVID-19 Church Update 11/18/2020

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Dear FBC Family,
These past 8 months have been some of the longest and most trying times we have faced. What we had hoped would only affect our lives for a few shorts weeks has dragged on and on. While we remain ever hopeful for improvements in the days ahead, we find ourselves still dealing with the ongoing ramifications of this disease. During the past few weeks, we have watched the number of positive cases soar upwards, not only in our community but also among our church family. Many of you have been asking what, if anything, can we do in response to the worsening situation.
Last night, our Church Council met to discuss the matter and after much prayer and discussion, we came unanimously to the following decisions:
  1. All church ministries/programs, other than our two Sunday morning worship services, will be suspended effective immediately. This will include our Sunday School program, all Wednesday evening activities, and our Sunday night worship services. There are a very small number of events that will be able to continue, but those are being handled on a case by case basis and with increased safety measures being implemented. If you have questions about a particular event or ministry, please contact our office. Our Sunday School directors are being contacted so that we can help arrange alternate ways for our classes to stay connected.
  2. Starting this Sunday, those attending our 8:00am worship service will be required to have a mask and be socially distanced from one another. For our 10:30am worship services, masks and social distance guidelines will NOT be required (although highly encouraged.) These guidelines have been put in place because there have been many who have expressed a desire to be at church but won't do so unless certain safety measures are implemented. There are others who have said that they will not worship with us if certain guidelines are too strictly enforced or required. Implementing these changes, along with continuing to broadcast our services over the radio and online, will provide for as many people as possible to stay connected and continue to join us for worship. Nursery care will still be provided during both services, but our children's church services will not take place.
These changes were put in place in order to limit, as much as possible, the number of opportunities where someone could contract or transmit the virus. However, we cannot eliminate all risk. Participation in our church services requires assuming a certain level of personal responsibility. We know it is essential that we find ways to worship together, but there are times when we must adapt and respond to the challenges around us.
While these changes are being implemented immediately and will be in place until further notice, our Church Council will be meeting at least once every two weeks to continue to monitor the situation, and to make changes based upon current conditions and church member feedback. With that in mind, I highly encourage each of you to reach out to me or to any of our staff members or church leaders if you have questions, comments, or concerns about this situation.
I know that there are many different viewpoints as to how this crisis should be handled, and I trust that all of you know that the decisions we make, especially the hard ones, are done with the utmost concern for the entire church family and with a commitment to be continually seeking the Lord's will and asking for His guidance. I would humbly ask that no matter your feelings on this matter, that you will commit yourself to ongoing prayer for our church family, our staff and leaders, and how God might use you for His glory.
Pastor Greg Robinson