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1 Can't Be 2, But 2 Can Be 1, If 1 Is Actually 3

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For those of you confused by the title of this post and wondering how I ever managed to pass a math class (I wonder the same thing myself sometimes) please allow me a moment to introduce my topic and then we'll see if I can explain this crazy equation. I want to briefly discuss with you a subject that doesn't get nearly the attention it needs or deserves, especially in today's culture: Christ-centered marriage.

Before we go any further, let's stop to consider a well-known verse from Scripture. "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." (Genesis 2:24, ESV) This verse, which is repeated and emphasized several times throughout the Bible, sets forth the principle and practice of a God-ordained marriage; a man and woman will leave their respective homes and families and create one new home, one new family. We all know this very well, but let's consider for a moment how this process often goes wrong, and for that, I'll need to refer back to my silly math.

1 Can't Be 2 - What I mean by one person can't be two is that in a marriage, neither the husband nor the wife is capable of, or was even designed to be, the ultimate fulfillment of the other. The silly notion of "you complete me" has been damaging marriages for generations. I cannot depend on my wife to give me everything I need, and she cannot expect that from me. A marriage will not succeed if its happiness is dependent on one person being everything the other person requires. 1 cannot be 2.

2 Can Be 1 - As we see in Genesis 2:24, marriage is meant to be 2 people coming together as 1 in a glorious and Godly partnership. This is what we must aim for! Instead of asking the impossible of my spouse, I must work in conjunction with her in Christ-like love and humility, in order that we might live our life as one. However, our sinful nature messes this up constantly!! I know I should live in harmony with my wife and seek to help her and lift her up, but my sin causes me to want to live for myself and then my relationship is weakened. This is why we can't leave off the last part of the equation.

1 Can't Be 2, But 2 Can Be 1, If 1 Is Actually 3 - The apostle Paul reminds us in Ephesians 5 that the only way we can truly live up to God's plan for marriage is if Christ is placed in the center. In other words, if both husband and wife add one more Person to their union, as they seek a deeper and deeper relationship with Christ both together and individually, then they will begin to experience the blessing of one holy union.

However, this is not easy. It takes daily work and commitment but it's always worth the effort. On that note, one resource I would like to offer each of you is our upcoming marriage conference "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" on March 27-28. More information will be coming soon, but I hope you will plan to attend this event.  It will be fun, encouraging, and will help you learn how to keep your marriage centered on Christ.



Posted by Greg Robinson