Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Conference

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Conference

Friday, March 27, 2020 - Saturday, March 28, 2020

Location: Centene Center, 2 Black Knight Dr., Farmington, MO US 63640

Cost: $35.00

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Join us and New Heights Church for Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Conference on March 27-28 at the Centene Center! Mark Gungor, one of the most sought-after speakers on love and marriage, will be leading, exploring, and teaching about male/female relationships through a laughter approach that you won't forget.

Why a "laughter" approach? For one simple reason: to overcome the male objection to a seminar. Let’s be honest, a marriage seminar isn’t the first thing a guy thinks of when he thinks of “a fun way to spend the weekend.” We get that… Familiar with the fact that women are usually much more open to discussing marital problems than their spouses, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is designed with an element of humor that appeals to couples, but is especially well-received by men. By making our event fun and non-threatening, more men are open to attending and both husband and wife end up having a fantastic time. However, while this event is fun, it is anything but light and ineffective. Mark’s great content and unique approach to troubled marriages has yielded one of the highest success rates in the country.

Unlike many traditional marriage seminars that tend to be overly serious, technical and emotionally taxing, the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar is different because it helps couples deal with tough issues in a way that is fun and non-threatening. Through the two-day seminar, couples will laugh, learn and be able to make real positive changes to their marriage.

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