Loving Others and Sharing the Gospel Since 1882

In order to continue Christ's work in the future, we have to first look humbly back at where He has brought us.


First Baptist Church of Farmington, MO was organized on March 18, 1882. Prior to that, the church was a mission of the Three Rivers Baptist Church.

The congregation first met in the Christian Church, then the Methodist Church, and finally in the old Farmington Baptist College Chapel. It was eleven years before the church had a home of its own.

In 1893, a small white frame church was built on the site of the present Fellowship Hall. A new brick sanctuary was built on the same site at the corner of College and Franklin in 1911, and later taken down in 1893. The first educational building was built in 1943, and an additional children's educational building was built in 1962.  As the church continued to grow, a new sanctuary was built and dedicated in 1973 and remolded around 2000. The newest educational building was completed in 1990 facing A Street. And, the newest addition to the church building, our Family Life Center, housing a gymnasium, student center, Welcome center, conference center, and new kitchen was built in 2012.


First Baptist Church has always been a leader in missions. It continues to support state and convention mission programs. Locally, it has started three missions, or church plants, one at Knob Lick, one at Delassus, and one at Flat River, all of which have become full-time churches. 


In its 138 years, First Baptist has had 26 pastors. They are as follows: James Hardy (1882-1887), J.B. Helper (1888),  L.R.M. Benson (1889), J.W. Campbell (1890), F.W. Shoush (1892), E.A. Spring (1894-1896), J.W. Campbell (1896), M.M. Munger (1896-1900), W.G. Reeves (1900), J.D. Watson (1900-1902), C.L. Bullard (1903), W.M. Rudolph (1904-1905), S.P. Brite (1906-1913), V.E. Patterson (1913), O.H.L. Cunningham (1914-1921), J.J. Schuler (1921), O.H.L Cunningham (1914-1921), J.J. Schuler (1921), G.C. Greenway (1922-1926), J.W. Jeffries (1927-1929), E.H. Zipprodt (1930-1931), F.Q. Crockett (1931-1939), W.P. Young (1939-1943), R. Ray Stone (1943-1953), J. Loren Jolly (1954-1976), Jerome P. Cowin (1977-1985), William C. Miller (1986-2017), Greg Robinson (2018-Present).

History Books

Our History Committee, led by Elma Jennings, diligently worked to put several books together of our church's history. Click the links below to view them.

FBC Church History Book 1

FBC Church History Book 2

FBC Church History Book 3

FBC Church History Book 4

FBC Church History Book 5